Nintendo Signals: release dates for Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC

Nintendo of America has the recently updated Fire Sign: Three Houses game page with a timeframe in which to expect the DLC waves of the game. The DLC waves differ from the planned update contained in Three Houses’ Advanced Mode.

Nintendo Signals: release dates for Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC
Nintendo Signals: release dates for Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC

Of course, we all know the first DLC released on July 26 next to the game. It also includes Officer Academy outfits for male and female Byleth. However, it’s part of the expansion pass, so you’ll have to buy it and then download the costumes before you can access it in the game.

The second wave is expected to start before October 31st. This DLC will include new help battle cards as well as “helpful items in the game and more”. It is still not clear what these helpful things are, although we have speculated what they might be, and there is no indication of what the “more” could consist of.

The Nintendo Australia Page For the Expansion Pass, it was said that the additional maps will contain several map types, which is good for those who are tired of the repeated forest and city motifs. These cards also show more enemies dropping items.

The third wave will feature new quests and costumes and is scheduled to be released sometime after October 31st and before December 31st. The plural “costumes” indicates that they could do more than just produce Byleth, even if they will be different for the pre and post-world post-time skill character models are still unknown. In addition to the quests and costumes, there will be another free update.

Finally, Wave 4 will bring new characters, locations, and story content, as well as another free update. This should start sometime before April 30, 2020. The last expansion pass that provided new story content for a Nintendo game was Torna: The Golden Land. It offered a whole new game that even took an E3 slot in 2018.

Since the new Three Houses, The content is planned before the big summer exhibition, is not expected to be quite as extensive and will continue to focus on the world and the events of the plot of the main game. The expansion pass can be purchased for $ 24.99 directly from the Nintendo Switch eShop or at the Nintendo website.

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